SIGMA Weather Proof Biometric Reader


SIGMA Series – Outdoor/WR/IP65, Multi-factor Bio/Card/PIN/BioPIN (3k users incl.), 1M logs storage capacity, PoE incl.

The World’s most accurate fingerprint technology is further enhanced with additional antifraud and anti-” buddy punching” features. Face detection and picture logging. Fake finger detection, Duress finger. Banned/authorized user lists. Seamless on-device administration. Extensive customization capabilities: use your own content! (Corporate video, audio messages, wallpapers etc.). Touchscreen Time Clock, featuring 16 programmable function keys. Access time slots and holidays scheduling. Accurate punch records (up to 1 million logs storage capacity). Real-time employee notifications. Job Code management. Built-in camera, speaker, and microphone. Standard IP-based video and audio interface. Call-in function: employees can quickly report a problem right from the Time Clock. Surveillance: the terminal can be used by security staff to get pictures remotely from the security post.

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