It offers the visualization of the contracted and installed TV channels, being able to configure both the language of the guest or user and automatically reorganize the TV channels, placing those of the selected guest’s language first.


  • Room service (Hospitality version): the guest can order the food or drink they want and at the time they want, in a comfortable and fast way.
  • Menu (Healthcare version): the patient or user can select the menu they want, and the center can customize it for each patient / user based on their recommended diet (celiac, hypertensive, diabetic, etc). If this is accompanied by an integration with the center’s HIS, this information will be fully automated.
  • Check the bill: allows you to check the consumption made by the guest.
  • Check-out: the guest can check-out from the room in a simple and agile way, avoiding queues or waiting at the counter. For the property, front desk work efficiency will increase directly with guest use of this feature.
  • Alarm clock: magnificent function to wake up calmly, without alterations caused by the shrill reception telephone or without the need to have the mobile connected.
  • Weather forecast: when we turn on the television, we will be able to know if we will have to take out the umbrella or take the towel for the beach.
  • Messages: perfect area to view the messages that the hotel can send in a personalized way to each guest, without disturbing them during their rest.